My first novel Edie on the Green Screen comes out 3/26/20

A former San Francisco It Girl tries to get out from under the crushing boulder of extreme indifference

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Yokohama Threeway and Other Small Shames (City Lights, 2014)

Let’s explore personal shame, regret, and humiliation

You can buy it here: City Lights

Tell You What (2014)

Advice on life from the developmentally disabled artists at Creativity Explored

Helping Me Help Myself (William Morrow, 2008)

A gonzo journalism self-help ordeal

“A delightful, Plimptonesque exercise in immersive journalism…
sharp, irreverent and endearingly screwed-up.”
Kirkus Reviews

Everybody Into the Pool (Regan Books, 2005)

Personal stories from a life

The tales veer from razor sharp to hilarious, and it’s a voice–both offbeat and upbeat, wised-up yet curiously wholesome–that you’re going to want to hear a lot more of. – Entertainment Weekly

This Too Can Be Yours (Manic D Press, 2001)

Short stories written during the first dotcom boom and bust in SF.

You can buy it here: Powell’s

Monkey Girl (Manic D Press, 1997)

Performance prose and poetry collection

You can buy it here: IndieBound