Helping Me Help Myself

A gonzo journalism self-help ordeal

helpingbook“A delightful, Plimptonesque exercise in immersive journalism…
sharp, irreverent and endearingly screwed-up.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Lisick has created a hilarious, knowing tale of a year of willing ridiculousness.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“Her accounts of everything…are not only hilarious but enlightening. Finding useful tips amidst the bunk, she distills the best from thousands of pages of self-help books. Readers will be inspired: If a woman in a banana suit can clean her closet and pay off her credit card debt, surely you can, too.”
People *Critic’s Choice*

“An author you can’t refuse.”
Entertainment Weekly

“An astute and kind observer … In less-capable hands, Helping Me Help Myself could have fallen to the same schlock level as many of the self-help books included in its pages.”
The Oregonian